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Mold Testing & Inspection 

Mold Testing & Inspection 

Is your Denver property dealing with a foul stench, or do you notice some unsightly spots on your ceilings or walls? Then there is a strong possibility of mold having something to do with it. Water Damage Inc. provides solutions after you’ve had a trusted mold inspection and testing company in Denver conduct a thorough investigation of your property. After confirming there’s mold in your house or workplace, Water Damage Inc. in Denver will use the results from the mold inspection as a roadmap to make your property mold-free.

Inspecting Denver Properties for Mold

While Water Damage Inc. does not test for mold or conduct testing to determine which type of mold you have, we can inspect your property if you suspect mold growth. We know all the places where excess moisture can sit unnoticed and feed the millions of mold spores present in the air — leading to an infestation. If we find mold in your property, we have the necessary tools to safely remove contaminated materials and structures and then repair what was damaged.

Call Us After Professional Mold Testing in Denver

After professionals visit your Denver home or business for the initial testing and inspection service, Water Damage Inc.’s extensively trained and licensed remediation professionals will take the reins. While we have the equipment to safely remove and solve the problem causing your mold infestation, a mold hygienist is trained to accurately inspect and test your Denver property. Our job a Water Damage Inc. is to make sure that you never see mold again.

What to Do If Your Black Mold Test Is Positive

Black mold can be very toxic and dangerous to those exposed to it. If black mold is lingering inside of your residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, it poses a serious risk to everyone. Water Damage Inc. in Denver takes black mold very seriously. After you’ve had black mold testing carried out by a trusted company in Denver, we will set to work removing this toxic substance from your property. We are trained to ensure that we dispose of black mold properly and restore your home or business back to normal.

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