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Restoration & Remediation Company in Denver, CO: Water Damage Repair, Mold Removal, Sewage Backup Cleanup, Fire Damage Repair & More

Water Damage Inc. is a locally owned and operated restoration company founded by partners with over 50 years of mitigation, restoration, and construction experience. We specialize in restoration services for water, mold, and sewage damage. Our project managers and technicians have completed the latest in structural drying training for water and flooding damage cleanup services. We are a customer driven organization, so your satisfaction is our top priority. Water Damage Inc. is Denver’s premier restoration contractor.

Denver’s Trusted Restoration Company

Improper drying methods for water damage restoration can cause costly, secondary damage to your Denver home or business. That is why the technicians at Water Damage Inc. utilize expert training and state of the art equipment to complete our restoration services correctly the first time. When you enlist our services for water damage restoration, we will help alleviate worries of additional damage by clearly communicating with you about our Denver restoration services.

horizontal close up image of a roof of a house that has burned and fallen in under blue sky with cloud in summer time.

Fire Damage is No Match for Our Experts

When you’re looking for fire damage restoration services in Denver, Water Damage Inc. is the place to be. In the aftermath of such a tragedy, you’re going to want highly trained experts to handle your home or business. Our team in Denver is qualified and certified to handle fire damage cleanup, repair, and smoke odor removal. Trying to remove these issues on your own can cause costly repairs that could have been avoided.

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24/7 Emergency Services Available

  • Water damage in basement caused by sewer backflow due to clogged sanitary drain

    Emergency Water & Flood Cleanup

  • Thick smoke engulfs a home, foreshadowing the blazing destruction to come.

    Emergency Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup

  • Home renovation, plumber fixing sewerage pipe at construction site

    Emergency Sewage Cleanup

  • Pest controler eliminiates a mold infestation

    Mold Remediation & Removal

  • water damaged ceiling next to  window

    Residential Water Damage Restoration

  • Close-up Photo Of Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Water Leak

    Commercial Water Damage Restoration

    Dependable Restoration Contractor in Denver

    If your Denver property has been damaged after a flood, it is important to hire a certified and insured restoration contractor. At Water Damage Inc., we offer thorough water, mold, and sewage damage restoration services at a reasonable price. Our pledge to our Denver customers is to provide friendly, understanding, and efficient service. Our knowledgeable team brings the tools and expertise necessary to handle any water damage restoration you need.

    Mold Damage Restoration from Water Damage Inc.

    The presence of mold in your Denver home can have serious health consequences. Inhaling or touching mold spores can cause allergic reactions, including sneezing, runny nose, skin rash, and shortness of breath. You can avoid these complications by calling Water Damage Inc. at the first sign of mold. We offer fast, comprehensive mold removal and mold damage restoration services. We will address your mold issues with the latest mold damage restoration technology.

    Affordable Sewage Damage Restoration Services

    Sewage backups can cause serious damage to your property and safety. Sewage may contain viruses and other harmful bacteria that should be removed immediately by a professional restoration company. Water Damage Inc. offers high quality, affordable sewage damage restoration services for Denver property owners. Our restoration services are completed by professionals who care about your property and safety. Our full service approach saves you time and money while providing your Denver home or business with a fresh start.

    Call Water Damage, Inc. for Fast Emergency Response!

    As a locally owned and operated company, Water Damage Inc. is committed to providing excellent water damage solutions in Denver. We handle water and fire damage, sewage backup removal, and mold remediation for both commercial and residential properties inDenver. Plus, we work directly with insurance companies to help make the process as stress free as possible. Contact us today for a free inspection or estimate!

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