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House roof on fire

Fire Damage Restoration in Denver, CO: Residential & Commercial Fire Damage Repair

Fire damage restoration and cleanup can be for needed many reasons. Whether you’re looking to eliminate that lingering smoke odor, need structural repairs on your Denver property, or need cleanup from the water used to extinguish the flames, Water Damage Inc. can help. With our fire damage cleanup and restoration services in Denver, you can feel confident your property will be restored to its original state as quickly as possible.

What Does Fire Damage Repair Involve?

When it comes to our fire damage restoration services in Denver, we take our job seriously. We know that the belongings in your home or business are not just products you can replace. Often, there are many with sentimental value that are irreplaceable. Water extraction, dehumidification, and other units are used to stop the fire damage and start the repair process. Our fire damage restoration team thoroughly evaluates the situation at your Denver property and determines whether your belongings are salvageable or not.

What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

It’s important to note that fire is expected to create more than one type of damage. There’s visible soot that must be cleaned as well as odors you cannot see. Our fire damage restoration services in Denver handle both types of damages. Without the proper fire damage cleanup of both these aspects, your home or business will not be ready for suitable conditions. It’s your job to create a safe environment in Denver for your employees or family. Here at Water Damage Inc., that’s exactly what we help you do.

Eliminate that Annoying Smoke Odor in Your Denver Property

By using digital photo inventory, our team can better assess the damage of each product and how to go about removing the unwanted smoke odor in Denver. With top innovation and optimal strategies, we use tools such as water de-ionizers, ozone machines, drying chambers, and much more to ensure your Denver property is returned in excellent condition.

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As a locally owned and operated company, Water Damage Inc. is committed to providing excellent water damage solutions in Denver. We handle water and fire damage, sewage backup removal, and mold remediation for both commercial and residential properties inDenver. Plus, we work directly with insurance companies to help make the process as stress free as possible. Contact us today for a free inspection or estimate!

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