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Water Removal Remediation and Drying Services

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If you’ve suffered a water damage loss in your home or business, it is important to have a professional water damage restoration company out to assess the damage to make sure you are properly protecting the health of any occupants as well as the investment in your property.

➢ At Water Damage Inc., we utilize the latest in water damage identification, measurement and drying technologies to handle any of your water emergency needs.

Wet Carpet Flooding & Cleanup - Denver, CO

Dedicated Project Managers & Technicians

Water Damage, Inc. employs a staff of certified, knowledgeable and dedicated project managers and technicians to assure our clients are receiving the best water damage mitigation services available.

Our water and flood damage project managers can walk you or your insurance adjuster through loss with their moisture meters and infrared cameras, trace the water flow and explain to you which type of materials are wet and what should be done to properly address them. Not all materials handle water infiltration the same way and not all water sources are equal.

Professional Drain Backup Cleanup Service

For instance, a drain back up with sewage present must be handled very differently than a supply line leaking clean water.

We will take the time to explain all important cleanup and drying factors to you so that you can feel confident about what the best approach to address your water damage is. We can create a job scope and a drying plan and present with you an estimate to help you make an informed decision on matters like whether you should file an insurance claim or if you want to try and tackle the job yourself.

Our professional team can handle any size water loss and we utilize the latest in water extraction, air movement (drying) and dehumidification technologies. We work hard to minimize the damage to your property as well as to mitigate the loss in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Water Damage Insurance Claim Support

If your water damage is an insurance claim, our project managers can work with your adjuster and bill your insurance company directly to minimize any time or effort needed from you. We work directly with most insurance companies and never ask for any upfront payment from you our client. You can move on with your life while we help return your home or business to normal. We take pride in what we do and treat your property as if it was our own.

➢ WDI will protect your flooring, furnishings and all areas of your home while we work diligently to address the water damage. We serve the entire Denver metro area and offer Free Estimates 24 hrs. per day/ 7 days per week. Call whenever you need. We are ready to help.

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