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Drain Back Ups and Sewage Damage Back Up Mitigation

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Drain backups and sewage backups on your property can cause serious damage to any household item it encounters.

Flooring, walls, cabinets and contents all can be damaged requiring professional services to properly address so that secondary damage to your home along with potential risk to the health of the occupants can be minimized. Sewage containing water may have viruses and other harmful bacteria present that must be removed from the premises to return your home to its pre-damage condition.

➢ To do this effectively Water Damage Inc. assesses each sewage job carefully and develops a cleanup and drying plan specific to your situation.

Basement Floor Drain & Sewage Backup Remediation - Denver, CO

Through our training as well as through managing thousands of sewage mitigation projects we have the knowledge needed to safely guide you through this serious and sometimes stressful experience.

  • We know what items can be saved and which ones should not.
  • We know how to secure the affected area if required to keep you safe and clean the affected indoor air environment as well as address the sewage affected materials so that you can once again safely enjoy this part of your home.
  • We have the tools to detect sewage where it may not be readily visible in areas such as behind walls or beneath floor coverings so that all the sewage is found and properly addressed.

Dedicated Drain & Sewage Back Up Project Managers & Technicians

Common Causes for Drain Back Ups and Sewage Damage

A drain back up is one of the most common causes of sewage damage to homes and businesses. Some of the ways that your drain can back up and cause sewage to overflow into your property include:

  1. Inadequate Capacity. As neighborhoods and cities grow this increases the amount of sewage being pushed into the existing system and can cause it to overfill and back up into properties on the system.
  2. Tree Roots Damaging the Sewer Line. Roots that enter the sewer line can wreak havoc on the entire system causing drains to back up. Since roots seek moisture, once they enter the system they can continue to grow up the sewer line and cause serious damage. This typically requires that the ground be dug up and the lines replaced.
  3. Old Systems or Outdated Infrastructure. Old Systems have all the same issues that any older building material can have. The degradation of materials can cause a breakdown that results in your drains backing up.
  4. Drain Line Clogs. Both individual drain lines and your main drain line in your home can become clogged with debris causing your drains to back up. Your main line clogging can cause all drains in sinks, tubs and toilets to back up when used if it is clogged. If your drain begins to fill with water and drain slowly when flushing toilets or using sinks, you most likely have a clog developing.

If you have sewage damage to your property for these or any other reason you don’t have to face it alone.

➢ WDI is available for immediate emergency service or for a free inspection and estimate.

We will walk you through what should be done and why and will answer any questions you may have on properly addressing the damage as well as keeping the environment safe for occupants. Give us a call. Any time-Any Day 1-303-731-1200

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