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When your basement floods it is important to take immediate steps to help minimize the damage.

Even more important however is keeping you and your loved ones safe when dealing with a flooded basement.

There are many steps you can take to do this but listed below are some of the more critical basement flooding things you can do right away.

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Flooded Basement Cleaning Solutions – Basement Flooding Cleanup Guide


First and foremost, be safe. This means you do not enter the basement and stand in the water until you are sure that your electrical system has not been compromised. If the water level has reached the height of the outlets you should turn off all power to the basement at your breaker box and call an electrician to certify that it is safe to enter the area.

Watch for natural gas odors. If you smell gas or think that you possibly do, get out of the property immediately and touch as little as possible while you’re exiting the home. Do not smoke cigarettes or light candles and do not turn anything on or off while exiting your home as even this can cause a spark that could ignite an explosion. Once safely away from the property, call your utility company and let them know what is going on.

Turn off source of water supply. Once you are certain that it is safe to enter the basement, try and identify the source of the water. Once it is identified, turn off the water supply to the source. If the water is the result of outside water coming in from a storm or heavy rains wait until the storm subsides and water stops coming in before attempting to remove the water.

Determine your water removal strategy. Once the source of the water has been stopped and it is safe for you to work in the basement, you should then begin removing the water. This can be done with a sump pump, wet vacuum or by calling Water Damage Inc. 24/7 365.

Consider dehumidification. If it is a clean water source, you may be able to save your carpet and pad if the water is quickly extracted and dehumidification and air movement is introduced within a reasonable amount of time. Some carpet padding however have membranes on the surface which will severely slow the dry time and this type of pad should be removed prior to attempting to dry the carpet.

Move wood furniture.Wood furniture that has become wet will typically bleed into the carpet and leave stains that cannot be removed so it is also important to get these items off of the wet carpet as fast as you can.

Inspect all basement rooms and carpet for flood damage. Check all surrounding rooms to make sure you do not miss any wet areas that can begin to form mold if not properly addressed. If you have a crawlspace beneath your basement, check that too. Oftentimes the bulk of the water will end up in the crawlspace putting you at a high risk for developing mold if not quickly identified and adequately addressed.

These are just a few of the many steps that may be needed to properly remove the water and dry your flooded basement.

➢ Water damage technology and professional tools such as infrared cameras, moisture meters and thermo-hygrometers can help aid you in identifying all of the hidden moisture so that you minimize the risk of secondary damage to your home and personal items.

If you have a flooded basement and need professional help, call Water Damage, Inc. 24/7 365 days a year and we will inspect the damage and provide an estimate to remove the water and dry your property free of charge. All estimates include infrared images as well as moisture mapping so that you will know exactly where the visible and hidden moisture exists and what should be done to address it.

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