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Residential Mold Removal in Lakewood, CO: Home Mold Remediation, Abatement & Mitigation Services

A house is a huge investment. Not only have you put lots of time and money involved with it, but you’ve devoted the work to create it home for you and your family members. When you find mold of one's home – whether it’s black mold, mold from water damage and mold, or any other kind of mold – Water Damage Inc. in Lakewood, can resolve the problem with our residential mold abatement services and residential mold mitigation services. Call today, and we are for sale to mold screening and inspection services, advise on health threats, and perform full mold removal and remediation services for your Lakewood house, which makes it a safe place once again.

No Mold Testing, But Mold Inspection in Lakewood

When Water Damage Inc. visits your house in Lakewood for a mold inspection, we arrive with licensed and trained professionals using the most recent technology and tools, but we don’t handle mold testing services, to identify and locate the source of the mold infestation. Due to mold not thriving in dried out areas, it most likely means you might have a leak or leftover floodwater leading to damages inside of your home. When we locate the mold and pinpoint its origin, our specialists at Water Damage Inc. will avoid the likelihood of future mold development in your Lakewood home with a thorough mold removal service, no mold testing however, and mold mitigation service.

Mold Abatement and Mold Mitigation Services for Lakewood Homes

Once our initial mold tests and inspection and having detected mold of one's Lakewood home, the 1st order of business is getting rid of it. As part of our home mold removal and remediation services, Water Damage Inc. in Lakewood will arrive promptly and work quickly to contain, clear, and clean the infestation. Home mold removal from Lakewood homes includes removing black mold out of your home, while also capturing mold spores from the airflow, so they don’t linger and continue to cause damages. You’ll love our mold remediation services, because our mold remediation is amazing.

Mold Removal and Mold Mitigation in Lakewood

When it comes to home mold abatement and remediation at your Lakewood house, trust the professionals at Water Damage Inc. to contain and eliminate mold growth. If you need black mold removed from your home or are facing another mold growth issue, we have the experts and the various tools to look after it properly. Our mold abatement and remediation experts will take away the mold and replace affected building structures, ensuring the building returns to its pre-loss condition.

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As a locally owned and operated company, Water Damage Inc. is committed to providing excellent water damage solutions in Lakewood, CO. We handle water and fire damage, sewage backup removal, and mold remediation for both commercial and residential properties inLakewood, CO. Plus, we work directly with insurance companies to help make the process as stress free as possible. Contact us today for a free inspection or estimate!

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